photo courtesy of Richard Suter

Reformed Worship has only one audience:  God

For over 180 years we have gathered as a community of faith to do the work of worship.  We seek to shape worship but God in corporate worship shapes us.  We do not come to consume religious goods and services we come to follow Jesus Christ with lives given in worship.

We gather, we confess our sins before God, we reconcile with each other and pass the peace, we praise God, we recite liturgy and ancient confessions, we celebrate the sacraments and listen to the Word proclaimed.  All this is done for God alone: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Sacraments:  The Lord's Supper (First Sunday); Baptism

The Word Proclaimed:  Biblical sermons preached from the Lectionary

The Music:  Variety of styles (mostly traditional) with special music, the Organ, the Chancel Choir and contemporary forms

The Fellowship:  Passing the Peace, Cares and Concerns