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12/10/2017Blake Hawthorne Shoelaces and the Gospel
Isaiah 52:7-10; Mark 1:1-18
Download ShoelacesandtheGospel.mp3
12/03/2017Blake Hawthorne Two Voices...One Song
John 1:1-14; Isaiah 9:2-7
Download TwoVoicesOneSong.mp3
11/26/2017Blake Hawthorne What Goes Around for God, Comes Aroud for Us
2 Corinthians 9:6-15; Luke 17:11-19
Download WhatGoesAroundforGodComesAroundforus.mp3
11/19/2017Blake Hawthorne There's Talents ...and Then There are Talents
Matthew 25:14-30; Judges 4:1-9
Download TheresTalentandThenThereareTalents.mp3
10/29/2017Warner Durnell What to Do With a Grain of Rice
Revelation 7:9-17; Matthew 5:1-12
Download WhattodoWithaGrainofRice.mp3
10/22/2017Blake Hawthorne History of Presbyterian Scots
Exodus 33:12-23; Matthew 22:15-22
Download HistoryofPresbyterianScots.mp3

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